For this unit doing research I have become interested in Fashion, and art but the creative wacky side.  I saw the fashion by Meadham & Kirchoff which I loved. I put the image in my information file but I love the crazy colours and the funny hair designs and makeup, it reminds me of animals aspects of it for some reason or like something from the 80's it looks very cool.  I found an artists work also where they had done a persons face and painted it like makeup but in the style of Francis Bacons piece with the faces. I really liked this, it combines art into the face and makes me view art different in a different medium. Throughout the hole time at A level I have been taught that art can be anything, there are no limits and so on, but recently people have been saying to me are you sure this is art, are you sure this relates, but of course it does. I love the paintings from Francis Bacon it made me think also how I could explore this and look at something like Vincent van goghs work like starry night, make it look very different and give different purposes to the face, it reminded me also again of the artist that uses food to cover the face and completely transform the body so it doesn't even look like a human anymore, I love those ideas.



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