I referred to the brief on moodle again. It says how it will be a two week project which will be nice as I will able to spend more time, planning and executing my ideas. There were questions put to us on moodle to think about so I thought it would be useful to answer these questions as I may find it helpful to get my mind starting to think about related topics.


  • What acts of exchange are you already aware of? selling, buying, stealing, advertising, market, bidding, auction

  • What kind of transactions do you do everyday/regularly? buy products, working in a job so selling and persuading customers to by products and recommending. 

  • What is the impact and implication of an exchange? profit, loss, gain something valuable, loose something valuable like in a bet.

  • What is currency? What is its purpose? money, you can't do a lot with out it, some stuff is free in life but lots you have to buy for everyday needs and purposes.

  • What alternative economies exist? not really sure I understand this question or can think of anything to answer.

  • How can a simple exchange produce a significant change? you can be a lot richer like working in a trade company, or in banks when you get bonuses, by robbing a house get lots of money. by stealing you can get caught and go to prison, then find it hard living in the world when you get out, can't find a home, work or have lack of money.

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