I had a look on moodle at the exchange project brief. I was told on my assessment day that we had a christmas project we had to do over the holidays. We have to use a few pictures and create a small book with them, related to the term exchange. We were told that the word exchange means a type of interaction and could be that is could be swapping, buying, selling. Like in a selling situation like a shopping experience you buy products and then if find them faulty or change your mind you can get your money back, sometimes you can only if you keep the receipt and return it in a certain number of days and has to be in perfect condition if it isn't faulty. Some shops I've noticed are more lenient than others in returning and getting your money back. I looked on moodle and it says' In Christopher Marlowe’s story of Doctor Faustus, the eponymous central character sells his soul to the devil in exchange for power, experience, pleasure and knowledge.' Ive seen this and its quite chilling and turns out that he shouldn't have sold his soul in the end. It makes you think more about aspects of the world and see that things can be glorified and desired like greed, but once you have it you don't care about it anymore. Like children and toys, they really want a toy, they love it at first but then over time get bored of it and throw it away, and then you grow up even more and care for toys no longer. For the booklet I'm not sure what type of exchange I will do, it is a very broad word so I don't see why it has to become controlled and narrowed down to what you can do, and I can experiment with the word or do aspects of exchange from my depiction or understanding of the term. I could explore, selling but within selling aspects of it like advertising which strongly sway people to whether they will buy something or not. Also slogans like, Loreal Paris... because your worth it, and so on. Also looking at suggestions on moodle I could explore commodity, sacrifice, cause and effect, consumerism and commodity.


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