I continued in the workshop with the aim to finish the models. I got to the stage where I have almost finished the crown and need to paint the lipstick. I had to use a glue gun and material to secure the hair onto the crown and after moulding the sculpture of the big lipstick had to sculpt it using a saw and various other tools.

For this project I became inspired by the short TV series called 'Hair'  it was creative with hair and people made hats out of hair and all sorts of characters with it, the hair would have a concept behind the style and be daring. 

I was interested by how 'J.D. Ojeikere' used hair design in photographs as art. The collection called hairstyles is amazing that it documents 1000 different hairstyles, they are like Fine Art but in hair which is what I'm fascinated by how Fine Art can be explored through any chosen medium and challenged to what can be achieved. I am interested by how art can be very simple and plain or electrifying and overwhelming looking at the materials, colour and context that is used. Like how hair and makeup can be natural and beautiful or creative and contemporary. The hairstyles are of Nigerian women and shows what creativity can be done with this type of hair. Living in Britain, the two main styles of black hair we see is usually natural or extensions, so this shows how much can be done with the hair and its texture, I think this is interesting as there are many stereotypes of this type of hair which this collection of 'Hairstyles' seems to contrast.

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