Today I was at Archway making my Crown. I started by making a wire base and welding it together, I then cut up wire to different sizes to create the mohican effect and welded those onto the base. The wire wasn't a nice, soft material to sit on the head so I wrapped it in material, using a glue gun in the wood workshop. I then used hair extensions that I had and backcombed the hair to make it messy and fuller. I started to glue it onto the material by wrapping it all around the base, I finished wrapping it around but didn't have time to finish so will have to finish it next week. I also cast plaster for the Giant lipstick with a plastic sheet that I rolled up and taped together. I had some plaster left over so cast a big shape like a mirror, I thought if I leave it to dry over night then I can work on it once its set tomorrow. The textures of the crown of hair that I was making keeps reminding me of different things, strangely including the stone age and a godmother from sleeping beauty.

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