Today at CSM as a group I went to the museum at CSM. There were several objects that we looked at, including a dress by Alexander McQueen, this was really exciting. We each looked at one object and studied it, and observed the detail. The One I looked at was an embroidery, there wasn't a lot of information that the tutors had on it, so I think it made me think differently about the piece because there was limited information on the specific art piece. The embroidered piece was old from the 1960's and the colour of the inks had faded in some places, and to me looked dirty like a doormat. The price was unknown, but it was interesting to know that it was used as a teaching prop for a textiles class which was one of the first subjects taught at CSM. The embroidery was of women, animals and flowers and the detail in it was varied. The texture looked a bit matted in places. The colours were dull, probably due to age. Later in groups we discussed what we thought of it, we agreed that if it had been cleaned or made to look brighter and new then in a way it would be ruined, all the age and the journey of the piece would be taken away which made it unique, even if it was to be dusted. We also wrote down ideas for final ideas. As we are going to be selling the objects, I may make a few extra objects, not to sell related to this unit, to also possibly show at interviews.

For my ideas, I was inspired by false advertising, and saying if you buy certain products, you will get results, loads of products not doing what they say they will, or not being as good as they're made out to be. I need to find out more information about selling at the end of the unit. But I had an idea to sell beauty products advertising certain things that turn out to look really stupid. I had an idea to make a crown of hair, for the people who suffer from baldness or balding hair, proving to cover the issue and improve the hair(people buy caffeine shampoo) Naming my brand 'I am the fairest of them all'. #fairest 

Creating a Truly Long-lasting Lipstick, for all the lipsticks that claim to last 4 hours etc. its a lie. But by sculpting it, I want everything to seem cheap and not worth it, which a lot of products are but many people are deceived into buying, there so many products people don't know what to buy, which products work and don't - value for money. 

I have bought hair curlers recently, the effect shown in a video I watched and in the image advertised was nothing compared to how the result turned out when I used them on my hair. It only flicked the ends of my hair, very poor result, I took them back to the shop for a refund. But great example of bad products advertised well and people will buy. I also had another idea of making a mirror that had chipped glass, with words on the back saying 'I am the fairest of them all'. Looking all very pretty, I want my products to look interesting, to some extent attractive but very stupid and cheap at the same time. For the Lipstick I thought 'Shine Bright like a Lipstick' was a funny slogan. But I thought when I sell these as part of the concept I could have rubbish advertising of a lady using these products, with lots of makeup on her lips looking stupidly, pretty. With a border saying 'Buy your Beauty here' ... Be the fairest of them all etc. With pictures of the products being used, promising you great effects. And a banner saying 'Only ££' For the hat I was inspired by the Mohican, Kings crown, and it reminded me of a stag in the making of it the way the pictures were shot. 

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