Today was the first day back at school. In the morning there was a visit to the CSM museum in the morning, we looked at objects, they were ranged at different prices and had various sentimental value. It included a dress by Alexandra McQueen which was really interesting and fascinating to see. It was black and simple. We were each allocated an object to observe, make notes on and draw from. The one I looked at was an embroidery, It was really old from the 1690's so it looked really dirty and to me gave the impression of being tacky, it could well be expensive and have a lot of sentimental value but it looked cheap. It made me think of my idea that I had before about being expensive, or a "classy" person making themselves look dirt cheap... (prostitutes... can't judge, don't know background, history. ect.) In the image there were 5 women, 4 sheep, 3 rabbits, parrot, dog, flowers.

To me the women looked like courtesans, or reminded me of them. It looks like girls at play or like 'womens roles' not doing much, just picking roses, being jolly and not doing a lot, there was no sign of any men. The fact that no one knew the purpose of what it was or its purpose, made it hard to come to conclusions on it or become, inspired or interested, even if we knew the artist it would make it more intriguing. The college bought it as a teaching prop for an embroidery course which was one of the first classes at CSM, its interesting to think many CSM students saw the piece before hand and came to their own conclusions, the fact as well that this piece is exclusive as can only be viewed at the college, and how few of the objects lost value if they were removed from the building. The embroidery hadn't been well preserved and the inks had faded, some more than others. It had silk threads and also the daylight can effect the ink. In a group afterwards we discussed how it could be a decorative piece. and how time may add significance to the piece, time may improve the value, the dust and dirt can be important to this factor. If wiped or cleaned I feel it would ruin the piece and the history attached to it. We thought about whether it mattered if it had been hand stitched or created by a machine. In groups, we discussed the books that we made over Christmas holidays, my book I used pictures from when I did nice make up and when I did ghastly horrible make up.

I thought about the exchange of knowledge, and telling people things, and learning from others, the fascination to learn from other people. On the train going to school there was a man who started a random conversation with another man he didn't know who got on the train, talking about the government, voicing his opinion, telling information, the man he was talking to was polite but didn't seem to interested, behind me a man who was listening to earphones started singing fairly loudly quite badly 'hallelujah' from the film shrek. This was humorous, that also people can communicate without, looking at someone or sometimes speaking. You can communicate by just looking at someone or just talking to someone without looking at them. We also wrote down on paper a few artists who we were inspired by and what aspects we were inspired by, I thought aesthetically I liked the colour of Jeff koons work and the messy old, modern tones in Francis Bacon, I wrote I was inspired by literature, history and society. I think this unit will be interesting as we will be having to sell our work at the end of the project.   

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