Today I did some research and have some ideas for what I am going to do for this unit. I have decided at university I want to study hair and makeup in fashion so I am going to look at this aspect in my work this unit. I have looked online, and I found some humorous images make up related, one image which I can't find, was comparing women to cars, before a woman had her makeup on she was a really cheap looking car, then after she put her makeup on she was a really expensive car. I found this really funny, although some may see it as offensive. Yesterday I did a mac course, showing how to apply makeup on the face, I thought I can use images from this for my upcoming unit as inspiration, and also played about with aspects of the face and manipulation. Having a made up face. - sculpture- materials- diamond like- shine bright like a diamond- women goals- wishes. - if a rich man want ya.... and ya man can't do nothing for ya..

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