From going to the Saatchi Gallery, I was inspired by the artwork which personally I think its the best work they've ever had for their standards, usually I find most of their work boring, or very similar style and lots of paintings, this time I went there were so many sculptures and they've also changed the layout of the rooms so instead of having loads of huge spaces, they were broken up into smaller rooms which I preferred and it felt more personal. Also from going to the mac cosmetics I felt inspired, by listening to other people and taking tips from them. I thought about advertising and how the products are there but the profits wouldn't be as great if people weren't there selling them. I used photos for my exchange and also extra pictures I took of my sister, I did really quick stupid makeup on her, I started out doing it pretty and got bored and thought of ways to make her look stupid, she couldn't see what she looked like most of the time so I found it really funny, it felt as though I was doing a prank or something naughty that she'd get annoyed about, I drew huge black eyes on her and lipstick and started to draw flowers on her face, some aspects of the makeup looked really pretty and other aspects looked really tacky and stupid. I enjoyed it though it was a funny experience. For me I thought about products and advertising, how when you view and advert or buy something on the box it shows an image of what the product will achieve and you think wow how beneficial this product will be or your convinced by the advertising and think this is expensive, but I'm worth it. You end up buying the product and taking it home and it does nothing like what it says it will or you can't achieve the desired effect yourself. Like when Ive gone into stores and the store assistants will do my makeup, they make it look amazing your so happy you buy the product you take it home and find that its rubbish or doesn't achieve the same effect, or that you have to buy more products to achieve the look.

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