Today I am going to begin catching up on work, and I have final pieces to finalise, when these are done I will evidence. The painted wall which I created was to be the background/backdrop in the photos that I took. In front of these walls I was going to use a model and alter their appearance, I wanted the whole image to be confusing and strange. Looking at different aspects of the appearance, and how the image can be altered depending in what you wear and how the body is presented.

Looking at the Exchange Christmas Project, the example artists given, I liked the art from artists: 

Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle Time/Bank, Alternative Economy, 2009-ongoing 

I liked the colourful squares which made up the building and gave the appearance that it had been constructed using lots of these coloured blocks. It reminded me of The 3 Little pigs, where they had to build their houses, and all pigs used different materials and turned out to have a different durability. The way this building is constructed, the colour, and blocks cheapen the appearance of the building, and deceives you into thinking what type of materials have been used, to me it looks as if it is a tent, which would not hold up under all weather situations, but on closer consideration, I can see there is a glass door attached to the building, and a walkway, which makes me think the building has been specially placed in the middle of an environment for a purpose and that it intends to stay there forever or a long time. 

Thinking of exchange meaning 'transaction' or 'interaction' makes me think of people and the communication we have with them also the environment and travelling. By asking us to draw and record, this makes me think we are looking around at society to gather research, but I can think of a specific aspect that I want to record, rather than recording just anything. I can create my own interpretation of aspects I want to investigate.

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