After hard work this week, I have finished my statement and sent it off to UCAS today, I wasn't sure if there was a time deadline on Friday so I sent it off to be on the safe side. Unfortunately because I've finished it at this stage I haven't been able to ask my tutor for feedback but I got my family to help me check for spelling and grammar, so I'm feeling confident about it. I really enjoyed writing the statement and have learnt a lot from the process, and it confirmed my desire to study the subject I am applying to. I came to the revelation that I want to use the mediums hair and make up within the creative industry. I went to the library and looked at books of hair and make up to draw inspiration from to help me write my statement. A lot of the pictures I saw were contemporary and full of vibrant colour. I am going to do a subject related topic for my next unit. I'm going to need to plan my portfolio and get ready for upcoming interviews. I can now concentrate on my work over the holidays and catch up with aspects of work and I have had a look at the Christmas project which I will have to start working on.

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