Today is the day before crit, in which I need to get my work finished in, at this stage I only found a panda toy at the last minute so wasn't able to do anything with this in time, so I came up with an alternate piece, I used images that I took of the wall, and also used an image from inside my house late at night looking out into the garden, it was interesting also to see the weird wall in a normal scenario, background. In the image it shows the reflection from inside my house, of the clock and sink in my kitchen, which merges with the outside in my garden of the wall which shows the girl, this creates a really weird effect, and intriguing. I wasn't entirely happy with this outcome, but I had to have something to show, to get feedback on also, I would have liked to show something wackier but it can't be helped, I think I created something that was 'csm' style that isn't my style or what I would like to see or think anything of. I will be finishing it. I saw and researched the work of Pascale Marthine Tayou, which I found very strange, I loved the colour and the strange aspects of it. I couldn't figure out what materials were used or how everything was made which is what intrigued me, I like how a tree stump was used, something normal and turned into something completely different, changing the purpose and the appearance. I like how deranged it looks and abnormal, its very intriguing.


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