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Daikanyama T-Site by Klein Lytham Architecture

This Tokyo bookstore is comprised by hundreds of interlocking T-shapes, and these small T's help to make up larger T's throughout the building. 

"The T idea for the project came to us during the initial briefing session with the CEO of Tsutaya," architect Mark Dytham told Dezeen. "He was hoping for an iconic building, branded in a non-branded way, without having to rely on signage."

Architecture and interior design: Klein Dytham architecture
Art Direction: Tomoko Ikegai
Architectural Consultant: RIA
Structural Engineer: Structured Environment
Main Contractor: Kajima Construction

The most interesting part to me is that the small T's make up a larger picture and structure. I like that on their own the T's are simple, but they become something so much greater in multiples.

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