what is our obsession with clean about?
why do we associate whiteness with cleanness?
can cleaning add or remove value?
can you clean things of sentimentality and so they are void of worth?
could i experimenting with the effects of bleach (or any other house hold cleaner)?
if whiteness is unwelcoming and elitist then whey do we strive for it? (art gallery format)
can you sand something down until it is void of color and association (unrecognizable) how does that object then associate with yourself and how do you with it?
does cleanliness make everything more desirable?
if i cleaned rubbish (bleach bathed it) would we see it as clean and more socially acceptable to still own
should i tackle my own issues surrounding cleanliness? (dirty plates)
how does cleanliness effect social engagements?
what is an acceptable level of cleanliness?
when is sanitation not okay? when do we value something for its dirt?
what can the dirt (dna) tell us about objects?
seeing as dirt is effectively the documentation of a objects life is it the objects history that we have a problem with, do we want its alliance to be only with us?
can you clean a pile of dirt?
being sterile leaves no room for the individuality of people and objects. (uniformity)

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