notes on 'Are You Working To Much'

Is art a commodity?

charity is the gift that is commonly accepted as un payable, no debt intended.

going out is taking a risk going out is allowing yourself to be in apposition of experience.

an exchange of emotion and dull experience has some value, ’going through something together’

exchanging and creating a bond.

shared nostalgia tying you down.

is nostalgia a currency that you can by alliance with?

friendship is an exchange

there is a theatre about going out, you pretend to the world all is fine because you are venerable unlike if you where at home where you feel confidence.

the detractions allow us to forget about our own problems, our minds stimulated so they can revert back to mulling over experience or history, new events are being created.

a constant distraction through stimulation.

the sense of discovery disappears with age and it becomes about allowing yourself to entertain the idea something interesting might happen when past experience has allowed you to build up a resilience to excitement, anticipation and fear.

a reliable piece of classical music or the spontaneity and excitement of jazz

do you exchange your freedom and spontaneity for guaranty of comfort and reliability. If so is the cost the quality of experience and intensity

feeling in debt of you previous selves ambitions (i can sympathies),

was the sacrifice of time worth the merit of achievement and does it give the effort expelled a significant worth it didn’t have before?

I’m not sure which is more rewarding, the calculated achievement of hard work or the stimulating process of spontaneity and carelessness.

Highlights related to simplicity and our relationship with it.

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