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Sheep Mobile by Pingviny

"This baby mobile was designed and handmade by me to bring a cosy image into a baby's surrounding. 

The colors of the sheep are especially suitable for small babies, who prefer contrasting black and white images which help develop their vision. 

The sheep hang by a delicate thread and will gently bounce and spin in the air at the slightest touch. The sheep are very soft and a baby can be allowed to briefly feel their texture or try how they taste, although I would recommend this is done under careful supervision as the threads are not safe for a baby to play with. 

The materials to make the mobile are all organic. My reasons for using organic materials relate to the environment and the health of workers just as well as the safety of the user of the final creation. Hence I go organic even when I make decorative items. 

The sheep are made of organic cotton fabric and are filled with natural, wild growing kapok (a plant fiber). The ring is made of natural cane and the twisted threads - of organic wool yarn 

Materials sourced as follows: 

white fabric: www.siebenblau.de
brown baby corduroy: www.gossypium.co.uk
kapok fill and cotton thread: www.greenfibres.com
wool thread: www.cornishorganicwool.co.uk

Size of the ring: 19cm / 7.5inch in diameter.

You can adjust the length yourself by untying the thread connections on the ring. 

Easy to hang: the mobile comes complete with 3m / 120inch extra twisted thread and self adhesive, rental safe ceiling hook - removable without a trace."

I love how whimsical this baby mobile is. The sheep give it a dreamy feel, and it is extremely well though out and crafted. I also really like that the length of the strings can be adapted by the user.

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