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Baby and Toddler Swing on A Beautiful Mess

I love this homemade swing from babies and toddler's because it is strong enough to hold a toddler, where as the usual baby swing does not. The design is simple and fun, and isn't an eyesore to someone's decor.

-two 1" x 48" oak or poplar dowel rods
-at least 22 ft. of braided 3/16" rope that holds up to 192 lbs.
-one 2" welded steel ring that holds up to 200 lbs.
-one 80mm steel carabiner that holds up to 280 lbs.
-2 yards of duck cloth, upholstery-weight fabric, or canvas. If you use a print that has a specific direction you may need more.
-1/2 yard of batting
-decorative wooden beads found at a chain craft store
-heavy duty ceiling hook (optional)

-sewing machine and thread in coordinating color
-power drill with 3/8" drill bit
-hand saw or circular saw
-canvas weight sewing needle
-sandpaper in 150 and 100 grit
-lighter for melting rope ends
-iron and ironing board
-straight pins

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