Having prepared my work the evening before, in the morning I went in and deliberated over how I would present my work. I decided I wanted to keep it simple. Everyone was finding a space in the room, most work pieces were exhibited on the wall, in the end I found a empty space to present my pictures, I had 3 photographs which I presented. There was variety of work presented, of different sizes, some people took up a lot of space with their work which left less space for others. We did a crit in groups within the class, it was interesting to see the different styles and form my own opinions on what I thought the subject topic could be. Being given the same project topic if was eye opening to see the variety of work produced by everyone. It was good to go around and give and hear feedback on each piece and some comments that were made were very fascinating, about how they thought they could have done the piece differently or give constructive feedback and to see how some comments I agreed with and others I didn't.

As I made this piece as my final design because I didn't have enough time to complete my full project I didn't think a lot of what I produced, as I just made it so I would have something to show for the day and have something to talk about. I was interested to seeing what people would say about it as I didn't like it and think much of it. I got both positive and negative feedback. 

Comments were:

The clock in the pictures gave a sense of time, they seemed to be more drawn to the clock and thinking that the 3 images were possibly relating to past, present and future. They commented on the use of the colour, the blue through the picture gave an interesting contrast against the black and white colour. There was contemplations that the image of the woman looked like a ghost. (I thought the effect of the reflection of the window, in and out was interesting, it meshed two different atmospheres together. It made the picture look peculiar and not so obvious what the image was of and was reflected.) Or an underwater submarine the way its layer out in series. There were comments on how on the middle image there were lots of lines and one line ran in line with a line on the wall that was behind it and how the image had been formed into an image with the background. People wondered whether it was deliberate or if there was any significance. How the image looks like part of the wall. They suggested an idea that I could get a marker and draw a line over it in coloured marker to make it more obvious and seem more significant. Another comment was that there was too much going on the picture and that it looked fussy, there wasn't really a focus point, also the pictures could be bigger as they were quite small. Suggestions of changing the colour, to a blue filter to contrast from the colours. Past- present- black and white- present, colour- transition. Concepts to do with memory. One idea was that it was to do with Greek Mythology how when people die strings, or lines are cut. In the picture some aspects and objects were more noticeable than others. There was contemplation whether there would be a different effect in how I spread the images and whether there would be the same connection. Someone said the image was too small and too much detail but someone else said they liked the fact that it was small and had detail as it makes you look closely and draws you in and if it was bigger it would be too obvious what it was, the fact that its small makes it more intriguing. People played a guessing game as to the objects that they thought were in the images, whether it was a TV or a sink, whether there was an antenna or radio. Comments that it looked like a film or something that was filmed previously or snapshots from a films.

It was interesting to here these comments as I could see whether I agreed with the feedback as it wasn't my finished outcome.

After the crit I watched The White Show which was the fashion show, it was spectacular, the music and the way the performance was constructed was amazing how you looked up at the people and they were all walking in white garments looked really cool. The clothes were edgy yet delicate and feminine. 

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