hahaha. Why Everyone Hates Dan Colen

Why Everyone Hates Dan Colen


Dan Colen. I didn’t know much about him. Then I read an ArtFagCity blog that just tore him to pieces. I didn’t get it. His art wasn’t THAT bad, was it? Gum on canvas and motorcycles. Sure, maybe like Damien Hirst, money is just around him, so that is purchased the motorcycles and then came up with the ‘genius’ to tilt them over. I thought to myself, why is Paddy Johnson being so harsh on this guy? He’s not that bad, is he? Then I saw this video:   http://www.5min.com/Video/Art-Talk-with-Dan-Colen-517137483     The salient quote is this: “Go to art school cause you can’t go anywhere else… then eventually you take it seriously”   So, artists, or just Dan Colen, do not start out to do anything in particular. Yet still there is failure.   Part  of me wanted to look for more videos where Colen might redeem himself, but this one was near insufferable. I made it at least 2:25 into the video, and at this point Colen mentions that he doesn’t do his own work. This practice is acceptable now, but he just makes it sound even worse than most people perceive it to be. I mean I thought Barnaby Furnas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDYspQej9g0 was a BIT poor at discussing art, and a lot of artists cannot speak to their work very well, perhaps this is an artifact of ineffable beauty or complexity. But sometimes, there is just not much to say about some kinds of art. And when there is something said, it’s not much. This is what Colen is about. - See more at: http://beckyjewell.com/why-everyone-hates-dan-colen/#sthash.WzYPUcjV.dpuf

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