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We began the task by looking at instructions and deciding how useful they were, looking at the text and the pictures. In the next task, I had brought in 10 pencils, we had to order/catogarise our 10 objects in some way, then present this order on a piece of paper. We then had to chose a "how to.." and create a poster of instructions on how to do this. I chose 'how to be happy'. We were all given a large poster and only an hour to create our piece. I chose to not put any text on mine, because I found the instructions we looked at earlier, with the least writing, were the most effective and visually pleasing. I created a series of simple illustrations, each something that made you happy, eg, rolling down a hill, eating cake, staying in pyjamas all day, listening to music out loud. I chose I thick pen, and simplified drawings, because of the limited time.

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