8-11th Dec

This week was our final week of classes and we finished off our projects. 

I had my group over for tea and cake at my flat to do some research! They told me what they felt were to most memorable aspects of my home, and I decided to present my work as a performance using props and creating atmosphere.

I was pleased how it worked, and I had some interesting feedback and questions to resolve:

- My performance was interesting because there are questions of ethics involved when working with unsuspecting audience members. For example I said "could you just shut the door, theres a draft! and they did this even though it was just the classroom door - though in my real flat there is a draft. This is a use of power between two different people and it needs to be done sensitively. 

-I also used an audience questionnaire so that I knew some surprising things about my guests for tea! it helped to suspend disbelief, but because it was in front of a large audience and not an enclose space as I had envisaged, this is different from a confidentiality point of view.


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