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If I'm going to be honest I was quite disappointed by this year's Turner Prize. I hadn't gone in a few years and I was expecting quite a lot more than what was there. The first room was my favourite, which was James Richards' piece. It was a dark room with a large tv in the middle and surround sound. It was showing a loop of a video collage he made. I found it very beautiful and eerie. Many images were in high definition, and most in black in white. The combination of the two made the imagery almost hypnotic. I kept watching and watching and watching. My favourite video piece was a video of a cockatoo flapping it's wings with this sort of mechanical and even obnoxious repetitive sound in the background. 

The rest of the exhibition was very underwhelming, particularly a room lined with colourful pop art wallpaper. It just didn't click with me. I found it quite uncreative to be honest. I can't remember the name of the artist, she was female. There was another artist who I appreciated though called Duncan Campbell who had a sort of documentary film projected onto a wall. He was telling this story about being in Berlin while these images flashed on the wall, which sort of had something to do wight he story but not really. I found this an interesting and exciting way to tell a story. 

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