I am going to try and get all the work done for the review to show on Thursday. It's a lot to do I'm not sure if I will complete it for then or have to finish it after. I am going to try my best, or I may have to show an alternative idea I had of mixing up lots of images to create a new image, or just present the wall. I will be working on it today. Its a very hard environment to work in because at the moment the weather has been so windy which has made it even colder, its freezing to work outside, because I've just been standing still painting for ages. I also found the artist Francisco Rangel I liked the artwork because it showed different images of women with different animals heads on their bodies like a bird, monkey and chicken. I thought this was interesting to see from the perspective that I was thinking of different heads. Although all the women were naked which I didn't think was necessary, and lots of artists works that I have seen, all this stuff about free the nipple also I find stupid, and all this feminism rubbish I find stupid and attention seeking, women trying to glorify themselves and gain power when I actually think, find and pretty sure that this world is run by men and that they have more power than women, in work situations, in life, its a fact that men are taller and stronger than women and should be higher respected in some ways by women. 

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