I have continued working on project and planning ideas and researching. For some reason, I am drawn to weird art and things that aren't usual to be seen. Lots of artists work can copy others or take ideas from them, end up being very simialr but I like things that I haven't seen before that I can think about and think what the heck it could be, I like thinks that I don't understand, I don't like things that I can understand or think of what it could be. I like art that challenges me and my understanding of art, something memorable. I also love Richard Jackson's horse on the toilet its so weird and random, it looks so contemporary and I like how the colours black and white have been used which usually are viewed as being old fashioned or traditional colours, but they look so wacky in this format, the use of colours look smart but intriguing. I like the contrast in the colour of the horses head, it is obviously suggestive that this is the most important part of the piece because of this. Its also strange how the horse is the woman sitting naked on the toilet with her hands down the toilet, not something people usually do. Interesting to think also though how people don't like toilets and they can be very germ, but when someones drunk and throwing up they lie all over them, lay their head down on them and take a nap and also supporting their hands on it, suddenly in a despite state the toilet has become their best friend, and the thing they want or need.   

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