I have continued painting, I have started to paint another wall as well, I have a vision in my head of how it will look at the end, which I am working towards, I want to go to the charity shop as well and buy a few items to contribute to the piece. I have thought possibly of making 3dish sculptures to go on the wall. I thought of making out of plaster, but that may be too heavy so I could use tape and card, or paper and skrew it up and make it very 3d and create interest. Full of colour. I experimented with the idea of having sculptures on some area of the wall, I tried to use rough card/paper and stick it on with tape but it didn't want to stick and it didn't actually create a nice effect it just ended up looking rubbish. I had an idea, from when I was coming home from London there was a man playing the guitar and he didn't have a hand, just a limb, everyone was intrigued by him, appreciating him and giving him money probably influenced or feeling sorry for him as he lacked a hand. I took this image and printed it off, I printed it off twice by accident, so I felt like I should do something with the second copy in order to not waste the printing ink. so I cut it up in different shapes and pattern and reorganised the image and presented it in a new different way, I thought it was interesting how each image was the same but could be appreciated for a different reason. I thought this could be transformed into an idea, and how I could transform other normal or possibly boring image into something creative or more interesting. On this journey I went into the business, busy side of London, it was funny to see on the trains how many people fell asleep, looked tired and drained, or were already resting sleeping peacefully in this busy hostile, noisy environment it showed their urgency to grab an opportunity to rest. One person next to me was sleeping next to me almost falling in her lap and onto me, the train stations were packed, and there were queues waiting for the train to come, I had to wait for the second train, once going home from oxford circus I had to wait for about 4 trains before I could get on and even then it was very packed, lots of people in London being very busy, it was interesting to take notice more of things happening around me, I think the witness unit influenced this, and got me to think about taking more notice of little things and drawing inspiration from anything or anywhere.

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