I have thought of various ideas that I noted down that I could do, like edit or create a video by making a magical scene, thinking of weird horses I thought of the tv programme Bo Jack Horseman, a dancing horse like surrealism with different heads with the intention of creating humour and peculiarity for a magical scene. I thought of lots of vines I have watched lately which seem really funny and seem to entertain people greatly, they are short and straight to the point which is why people love them so much, they don't ramble on and are contemporary, its interesting though because some of the videos I've watched remind me of fine art so much, like one video someone 'had' diarrhoea and then did lots of poos on the floor but it was loads of eggs falling on the floor that cracked and squelched once they reached the ground it was very weird and bizarre but reminded me a lot of fine art, and how theres loads of online entertainers these days doing art type things, maybe not even realising it and some are genius.  One video I saw was a video on harassment with a woman walking down the street getting so many comments on her beauty and people following her at one stage or approaching her. I saw videos of this replicated but with different looking people, one woman dressed in her muslim hijab and then without, with her muslim clothing on she got no comments or abuse, she was walking through the street as if she was invisible, then without her clothing she got lots of looks and comments on her appearance by men appreciating what she looked like. Another one was a man wearing a horse head mask on, lots of neigh comments were made and lots of staring, its interesting how people can be nosey or take such an interest in other people. It was interesting to see also how people can look down on others due to appearance, and reflects on society how we can be so judgemental and its interesting to think about what stereotypes surround each object, animal, different culture, different looking person, like different types of racism on each society. Like how different animals can be singled out like a panda or bear, polar bear. There can be different responses and preconceived ideas and notions about various objects. I read how at a museum at night a man dressed up in a bear costume and people thought that a bear had got out and escaped and become trapped in there, which is funny to think that would be peoples first ideas or explanations to that incident by inventing their own scenario. I could do this and explore different objects and analyse different animals, by playing dress up to relate or creating images. 

One idea that I had was that people like to put you down in life and stop you from succeeding, I played on this idea by thinking you can achieve whatever you want, nothings impossible and you can be whatever you want to be, by playing on this factor I drew a sketch in my book of a girl but her body as a truck, she always wanted to be a truck, people told her it was impossible but she finally became one, and no one could tell her she wasn't because she was. I wrote the words 'Im a truck.'I have then took this image and wanted to create it in a bigger scale. I chose to paint the wall/fence in my garden. It will take a while and I will have to leave it to dry to layer over different colours so I will start early on it. I have looked at the weather forecast and it isn't going to rain this week which is excellent as it may hinder my work, I'm not sure how it would look or how bad it would look if it rains. I am using a lot of paint and a range of sized paintbrushes and tools including dustbin brush to create a tacky effect. I'm going to paint all along the wall for a background. Because my concept was that I was going to get an animal and stick it on a model volunteer (human body) for it to pose, I wanted an interesting background for it to be in front of. I managed to get a giant panda for free of a website online, Im going to cut it up and use the head and place onto someone, I thought I could have the panda riding a bike in front of the background. I will have to use stuffing, to stuff inside the panda as once its cut it will become deflated. 

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