I'm enjoying doing this project for 2 weeks, I feel I am able to emotionally connect with the work more and look at concepts and ideas in more depth. I have done some notes in my sketchbook and have been more observant of aspects around me when walking around in public. I have been inspired by artists work I have seen and newspaper articles. I have started a project working outside painting on my garden fence. I want to create a background of interest for taking photos of objects in front of. I want it to look contemporary and full of interest. I looked at Richard Jacksons Work, which I loved, I hadn't seen his work before and I was so excited to discover his work, it was full of colour, it was amazing, messy but controlled and looked planned and truly thought out, it was awesome. I loved the weirdness of it and the fact that it didn't make sense to me. It looked like a kids play area where you could just have fun and express yourself in a way that no one could control or tell you not to. It felt like a liberating space where you could be yourself. I love the messiness of it and also how there is a plastic baby sitting in the corner with paint all over it as if it is the culprit. I love the use of the material, the fact that its mixed media, theres a lot going on, it makes me feel like I could live in the space, its eye-catching, and theres so much to look at, there isn't just one focus, theres lots of points of interest. It looks like a play room with the happy paintings on the walls, and rainbows and swirls, it looks like a happy place to be and theres a random pink horse, with a yellow girl hugging the random pink horse with no face.

I actually saw one of his pieces, called 'Beer Lamp' at The Frieze Art Fair, his work was exhibited in a London Gallery which is cool to find out. Its of an upside down bear with some kind of funnel sticking out of its bottom and face, it made me think maybe its changing the way the body works to food going in the bottom and coming out the face. This made me think of the comment that was said on celebrity juice that Katie Hopkins 'shit' (other word poo) came out her mouth, thats how she stayed skinny because she was offending overweight people that they should shove less in their gobs. Also for some reason made me think of the human centipede which is a very disturbing film, how he tries to change the purpose for the body or how it works. 

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