Today I spoke to the tutors about my work and they were encouraging and gave me advice on my book and ways of looking for information. I did more ideas in my book. We had a small art crit where we said what our ideas were so far and we got advice and suggestions which was helpful, it was interesting to see the vast range of ideas everyone had, everyones ideas and concepts were very different and some unusual. I got some good feedback on my work. Walking around London I was observant and saw how on the trains people were bored and kept looking around and making eye contact- where else is there to look? Being trapped in small places, not talking but facing each other is very strange and uncomfortable, many people get bored of fall asleep. I saw a lot of people around canary wharf sleeping more than I had seen in other places- canary wharf is a business area and these people may be working very hard because they were falling asleep and lying all over the place. I saw a man who was missing his arm- limb and he was playing the guitar, people saw him and were eager to give him money, some people walked passed and came back to him and gave him money, I thought the fact that he didn't have an arm and was playing a guitar made people more willing to give money. You see in other countries and films like slum dog millionaire where they blind kids on purpose and cripple them to make people more willing to give and feel sorry for them. I saw a woman who was dressed strange and wearing a weird cage hat, lots of people were staring at her and intrigued because its not the usual attire that people wear and she was an older lady. She got lots of funny looks from men especially. These and other events and ideas are going to inspire my project. 

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