Today I drew out some ideas, and listed ideas, Ive done a few experiments. This project is 2 weeks long which will be nice to have more time to explore ideas in more depth. The brief is Ordinary, Extraordinary I have listed a number of random ideas in my book, one idea I particularly found interesting and humorous was how peoples heads could get stuck in weird places, and I watched a tv programme where the ambulance were called to a house to help a man that had a toilet brush stuck up his bum, he supposedly said he fell on it and that's how it happened. I thought of odd behaviours and how people are perceived in society and what different responses different objects get. I am going to carry on thinking of ideas and doing some experiments. I did lots of more drawings in my sketchbook, I did a drawing of a person with lots of hands making things, sometimes when you have so much to do you wish there were lots of replicas of yourself or robots to get things done, and achieve big ambitions that you have constantly doing the one thing that matters, work, work, work ,work, work, work. I thought about machines, and also how I've heard people complaining about jobs and how machines are replacing people in situations, like when you go into loads of shops now theres self server tills, where people can serve themselves, and less staff are needed, in these shops that have these machines, I've sometimes only seen one or 2 people on the tills as theres no need for lots of staff. I thought about weird scenarios like if you had lots of hands you'd look like a tree, it made me think we look the way we do for a reason/purpose, and if we looked any different we'd look silly. Continuing from the funny ideas from the book, I continued to think of funny ideas. I was inspired by the TV show friends, when Joey got his head stuck in a turkey at christmas, and it made me think people are always getting stuck in funny places, and I have also read incidents like this in newspapers, I read how a girl had got stuck down a drainpipe because she dropped her phone down there and tried to retrieve it. I google searched dumb ways that people get stuck, quite a number of funny scenarios came up, including a pumpkin on a head, bucket on head, then I decided for even more humour to come up with my own which included a sink on head, fence on head, head on ass, tree on head and bath on head, just coming up with ideas that didn't even make sense or couldn't see how it could even possibly happen. From these scenarios I drew some pictures with images I printed from online on clip art. I also thought of the kids tv programme on cbbc called dumb ways to die, which shows really weirdly funny or stupid ways to die, I think it was on horrible histories, so obviously people could be very stupid and unknowledgeable back in those days. 

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