1st and 2nd Dec

We did a wonderful workshop about model making :)

I also had a couple of ideas/ responses to the site:

- A person's built environment promotes a certain reality and way of living - a prison makes a prisoner etc. a system of knowledge that informs such architecture and/or living habits is called a 'discourse' and Michel Foucault first used this term. But then I think we also make our environments to so there is a give and take...

-check out Live Art Development Agency


* Immediately I thought I want to serve tea and cake in my front room (10 mins walk away) in order to introduce my classmates into a way of seeing Kings X that they hadn't experienced before. The secret theatre of home... that is a quote in the Gothic novel Basil but it means something different there.

*Another idea is that I could collect stories of homeless people in the area - I work at a brunch for the homeless in Kings X, but I decided against this as I don't have time to gather these stories and i feel it could easily be insensitive to do so.

* Kings X is a big station and gateway to the rest of the UK, could I make tickets to place for people? or even tickets to things like 'happiness' etc?

*People seem to automatically move through kings X on their commute. The other day everyone started moving to the left at once because their station was called. If you didn't know it was a station it would seem like some kind of odd ritual! My idea was to document the average happenings in Kings X and try to recreate a ritual.

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