Thurs 4th Dec

Today we went early to Spitalfields Old Market, which was great! it is only on a Thursday and it is a great place to get props, ephemera etc. 




I then went to work at home because I want my performance piece to be about home as this is the lens through which I see Kings X. I have so many ideas! It is hard to prepare and document them especially as I haven't really done any performance art before. Here are a few of my thoughts:

IDEAS based on tea and cake idea...

* a treasure map or set of instructions about how to fine/ interact with our home? e.g. close the lounge door when it's cold!

*list all of the objects and people etc which would make this our home even if we moved...

*Could I play with the idea of every day small changes and routine? for example project the room onto the actual room so it is clear what has moved? pr every time someone moves something move it back?

*Offer a relaxing experience and make an area of collage full of the same meaning/ feeling I have at home relaxing? (inspired by cuddle cafes?!)

*The idea of inhabiting and tenancy/ ownership/ residency - could I claim part of the college for my own and add to it making it familiar in some way?

*How about the converse Idea of violation and trespassing?


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