27th Nov

Today was really really interesting, we all brought in various objects and then we categorised them according to gender (I found this really hard because I think that there are infinite ways of performing/ being ones gender!). We then categorised according to hight and then used them to represent a human being. This reminded us of artist Sarah Lucas who uses everyday objects to represent men and women by inferring their physical characteristics.

We talked about feminine objects as typically more round and the female body as a vessel for new life. I group did a lovely performance based on the word 'pregnancy' where they slowly unravelled a tangle of fairy lights from a small ball in the dark. I also liked a piece where the representation of a person was a box of objects. The objects we collect are like imprints of our characteristics, we can't keep them when we die but some how they carry meaning and are living parts of us while we own them.

Can you even describe a whole person? Or just fragmented parts of them which are revealed to you and some are concealed like an iceburg...

"a man is the sum of his memories" - a quote from Assassin's Creed according to the internet!!

"This is just what human beings do-turn objects into people, people into objects." - Chuck Palahniuk.


- Bourdieu

- Article about Mexican boarder crossing being a source for inter-national performance. 'Ontology' term= world making.

- How to do things with words - J. L. Austin


In the afternoon we did a performance base on the work 'spin cycle' where we spun Molly around in a trolley and created a sound affect by rummaging polystyrene. The others said it seemed 'sacrifical' and the shadows moving because of the trolley moving contributed to a feeling of 'disorientation'.

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