Tues 25th Nov

Ok so back at college again, this time specialising in PDP! It came as a last minute decision I had been deliberating between PDP and Fine Art Practice all weekend but in the end I felt more peaceful with this decision. I can be fine arty and explore performance and installation art and ideas but I can also learn about visual storytelling and a few skills that might be useful in the future.

Today we 'suspended disbelief' in an area of the college. We used the lifts and tables on the far end of the hall and imagined we were on a haunted boat! We also did a series of linked performances in which I was a stylist and rapidly dressed a group to go to the ball! I felt that our overall narrative could have been more linked up better, though we did have a storybook with instructions and based in loosely on fairy tales and a quest.

This got me thinking about things that only become real when you say or perform them, like grief. A close family member died recently and when I speak about it the reality is a lot more stark and emotional than when i don't, I guess what ritual is is making or acknowledging that something is real by speaking it or acting out a metaphor for it.

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