Regents Canal


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'..And from 1820 until the 1960s, Regent’s Canal played an important part in this trade. It linked King’s Cross to the major industrial cities in the North of England. And for over 140 years the Canal brought coal, goods and building materials to London.'

'Created by John Nash...Regent’s Canal takes its name from the Prince Regent, son of King George III.'

'the canal was opened to great fanfare in 1820. Initially a commercial failure, by the mid 19th century the canal had become busy and profitable. It carried timber, building materials and coal to King’s Cross Station from the industrial north. It also brought fruit to marmalade makers, beer to bottlers and grain to a flour mill where Kings Place now stands. It even carried ice from Norwegian glaciers to Carlo Gatti’s ice house'

'To unload the barges, the Great Northern Railway Company built two canal basins. Two short branch canals led from the basins underneath the six-storey Granary Building where goods were offloaded. ' ** How can I incorporate this into a performance?

'The harsh winter of 1962-3 saw Regent’s Canal freeze so hard that no cargo could move on it for weeks. By the time the thaw came, most of the freight traffic had been transferred to road, never to return. By the late 1960’s commercial traffic had all but vanished. By that time the canal had been carrying timber, coal, building materials and foodstuff to London for over 140 years.'** Also very interesting...


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