Ordinary Extraordinary


Meet Art Students, Les Coleman ( texts from book):

First Appearance of the week* what are we supposed to be doing?*Just before lunch Friday

Pot Noodle, Poisoning- I don't feel very well

Confronting the problem- I'm thinking of taking a year out

Art Rage- I can't wait for this course to end

Sunday Painter * My work won't be ready for the unit. Can I bring it in on Monday?

Life class- I can't get the proportions right

Nil by brush. I'm thinking of leaving the course.


Another book called : 'KILLING'

Red covered book, kept safe in a book case, easy to hold, feels fairly delicate. It has real leopard fur in it, that was taken from garments, so no animals were killed in the process for the intention of the book. It was very peculiar to touch the leopard fur, I didn't know what to think it was a very weird circumstance, I hadn't felt anything like it before. It reminded me slightly of my cats fur, but then they are related in the animal kingdom. each page was covered in leopard skins, there were only a few pages in the book. It's interesting as the book looks so boring from the outside you aren't expecting what is inside.


Book: Lars Arrhenius A Z by Geoff Ryman and essay by Andrew Wilson

*homeless man sleeps in sleeping bag doing 'ZZZ's'

*homeless man hungry 

*homeless man gets dressed

*He needs money and is thinking about how hungry he is

*He sleeps as a number of people look at him and walk by

*He gets called names as he sleeps like 'rat'

Another story:

Man in office, gets out gun to play with and have fun pretending he's a 'big man'

Another Story:

An old woman fell asleep with the TV on oblivious to the fact that Hard Core Porn has come on late at night and she is sleeping through it but her brain cells could be working and her unconscious mind taking in what's happening.

There was another book called: The Holy Bible. Every aspect of the book looked like the bible even the material of the pages that were used, but when you open it I saw that it was the complete works of Marcel Duchamp and showed many pictures of his art pieces over the years also written communication about his life and other aspects. It was worth £2,000 and there were only 3 copies, some were belonging to art galleries.

We weren't allowed to take photos, only use pencil, and we all had to leave our bags, for the safety of the books, but doing this created a nice viewing experience, it seemed more exclusive and exciting.



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