Today as a group we went to Chelsea Library and Tate Britain. At Tate I really liked the contemporary pieces, I found that the oil paintings I wasn't so bothered about as I thought I had seen better paintings previously at the London Art Gallery. I saw the work of Francis Bacon, it was very discerning and had strong emotion. The colours were dark and the piece looked gloomy, but there was something overwhelming and immediate about the piece. There were three paintings next to each other which seemed to make the other all effect aesthetically stronger. It was enjoyable walking through, several rooms, that you could walk through, which meant you could only see limited pieces at a time which made the experience seem more special. I was really impressed with some of the pieces they looked so contemporary and more modern than recent art pieces that I have seen, I loved the piece by Francis Bacon as I haven't seen a lot of his work in real life, almost mostly on the internet. We then went into a special room in Chelsea Library, where we were able to view special books which were books that were created to be 'artworks'. It was interesting to view them, some had humour, pictures writing. I really liked one book in particular which I felt I could relate to it was about art students, by Les Coleman it was about the struggles of art students. It was really humorous, there were lots of statements in the book, one was, 'I can't wait for this course to end' which I could understand somewhat as lots of people have a love hate relationship with art, having 'art rage' you can become really inspired by subjects and topics, and do lots of work and investigating that you start to get bored of it, or sometimes you can't think of what to do, or have mind blanks, and then other times, your full of ideas, that you can't stop thinking of. Inspired by this book I started writing my own statements like: 'I can't do this', 'follow the path', 'Im gonna quit you can't stop me', 'this is rubbish', 'art world can't handle me' and  'my work will not be ready is that ok?'. For the last statement about work not being ready I thought of how when I was younger I read lots of books, where school children had lots of stupid excuses for why they hadn't done their homework, but the real reason was because they couldn't be bothered, but they never admitted to this. In my sketchbook I put down some ideas that I thought of myself and also some excuses that I read on the internet, they were funny and very entertaining. One was 'crocodile ate my homework', another which I found most funny and bizarre was 'We ran out of toilet paper at my house my dad isn't feeling good he grabbed it in a rush haven't seen it since.' this is such a 'joke' its so funny and unbelievable at the same time could possible be true.... possibly. The last one was 'Dinosaur beat me and robbed me I said my homework was better than his. I ran I didn't want to be got.' I wanted to create jokey statements like the book had and replicate the humour and irony. 'Follow the path' reminded me of The Wizard Of Oz where they follow the brick road thats incomplete, thats sometimes how people can feel like something not right or their hearts not always in it. 

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