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The crime: Daniel’s mum Jacqui split from his father when he was nine. But it was only after 2009 when the behaviour of the youngster, then 12, began to become worrying.

Jacqui had moved the family to a smaller house in Redhill, Nottingham. Daniel was also taken out of his private school and transferred to a state school.

He became reclusive, posting violent clips from his favourite soaps online, watching horror films and penning grisly stories.

Simon Matters, Jacqui’s ex-partner, says: “He would come down and show me a story, quite gory, about a kid who had killed another kid. He liked to shock people with things he did and said.

“He had many expensive figurines of Star Wars and Doctor Who characters and they would just all be ruined. He’d have plastic boxes full of figurines but he’d urinated in the boxes.

“He’d also defecated all over the bedroom in boxes. One of the things that disturbed me, but Jacqui laughed about it, I found he had a bag of her underwear. It was brushed over at the time, but later it appeared more sinister.”

On Easter Sunday, 2011, he decided to commit the perfect murder by killing his own mother.

That night, after calmly mowing the lawn and eating some Easter eggs, he sneaked into his mother’s bedroom and hit her on the head seven times with a claw hammer.

Daniel then covered her bloodied body with paper, doused it in petrol and set fire to it, hoping to destroy the evidence.

How he was caught: Daniel fled the blazing house, saving his younger brother and dog and then told police an intruder had attacked his mum.

But police found the murder weapon in Daniel’s bedroom.

They also found he had been watching video footage from ITV soap Coronation Street in which killer John Stape commits a similar crime.

Simon adds: “I still can’t believe that someone could go to those lengths at that age to do something like that, not to anybody, but his own mum.”

The outcome: In April 2012, he was jailed for life in Nottingham.


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