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  • In Thailand it is illegal to step on money.
  • In Singapore, selling non-medical chewing gum or chewing normal gum is a fine of $1000. A second offense costs $2000 and being forced to clean a public area of the city for a day. If a person litters three times, they must clean the streets wearing a bib that reads “I’m a litterer.” Even pharmacists who sell the medical gum and forget to ID get two years in jail. Spitting is also illegal and can result in arrest.
  • In July 2013 a law was passed in China that states it is illegal for adult children to not visit their parents “often” in China. They are also required to attend to their parent’s spiritual needs.
  • In Iowa, it is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public.
  • In Britain, it is illegal to import potatoes into England or Wales if you have reasonable cause to believe that they are Polish.
  • In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush a toilet after 10pm. ?????


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