27/11/14 - 30/11/14

I have continued to do experiments, and thought about doing some stuff on photoshop, also On my way home down one of the streets I have to walk down there were several crates left by the side of the pavement, in them there were lots of alcohol bottles, wine and beer and so on I thought these looked really cool and would come in handy, for this unit as they are free and also second hand technically, as they have been used by people, whats inside of them has been taken out (drunk) and the container now has become priceless to the owner, but someone else may find them valuable, like me to use for art. I thought I could use them all and with a glue gun secure them together or do something weird/ interesting with them.

I read the text on moodle called Ways of Seeing by John Berger, I found the opening sentence very powerful, 'Seeing comes before words, the child looks and recognises before if can speak.' I thought this was interesting to think about how we can take our speech for granted and babies can't speak yet and have to speak, they find it a struggle at first and find it really hard to say what they mean or also spelling. But when we get older as adults were so well spoken and aliterate, that we take small things for granted. I found the pictures interesting also how the word in the picture, you would think should be describing the picture, but it was nothing to do with the image, a complete contrast. One of the images said 'the wind' with a picture of a clock, it was very intriguing and made you question it and think what the ideas could be behind it.  It spoke about things being related to art, like assumptions of beauty, truth, civilisation, status and taste. I found the way these words were listed had been given importance, and that we were to analyse the word or give it more attention than necessary or deserved. All the images were in black and white and faded which gave it an old world, type of historic effect. It gave it more sense of power that it was too important and the colour had been hidden from us that we couldn't discover it and it didn't want to be discovered. It was a very interesting text to look at.

There was a powerpoint presentation also for the witness project which showed several artists works, one was by Sophie Calle called 'Detective'  it was also in black and white like the images I had seen previously, there were several pictures like a collection of people walking around, it made me feel as though I was following this person round and spying on them as I could only see them from behind and in the near distance, it was a weird circumstance. I particularly liked the piece by Oscar Munoz 'Línea del destino (Line of destiny). 2006, Single screen projection'  it showed a hand and inside the cupped hand was something that looked like a raindrop or a puddle of water in his hand, which was see through but then had the face of a man on it. I felt the image was gloomy as it was in black and white, and seemed depressing for some reason as rain can be associated with depression, and I can image the man just looking down at his hand peering into it, and not happy with what he sees or who is looking back at him.



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