I have been doing initial experiments and work in my book. I have been inspired by a number of events in the news recently like #freeeducation and how art students can't afford materials, I thought to look at a subject topic and relate it to how art students don't have the means to make things. I thought I would try and convey a concept using materials that made no sense to the issue and totally random. I will try and get objects for free or out of skips. I thought about the protests again and how people love to protest for the sake of it, they like to be heard, taken notice of, or show off about it, or be able to brag and tell people about it. I thought of people 'Just want to Protest'. Like how in the world people do good things for the wrong reasons, to keep up appearances, make people like them and so on. I watched a film and it was set in a high school, there were popular kids and kids that no one liked, when the unpopular kids decided to do something about it, they managed to make the whole school dislike the popular kids in the end, and in order to become liked again the popular kids, who were so horrible to others before and took no notice of them, they started giving away free food to anyone in the school and giving out tiaras to other girls so that they could be a princess for a day, this was to make people like them again, there was a hidden agenda. Also Ive watched films, where people do the right thing only because theres been enough uproar and they want to quieten the people. Made me think of how in racial history something only happened in the end because it became such a big issue, too big to ignore and the people weren't happy, or people supposedly think that a lot of the trials for ww2 of the nazis that were captured was fake to show that something was happening to the people responsible that it was fake and that nothing happened to them and they were secretly released.

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