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Truss Vases by THINKK Studio

Three different wired steel shaped can be intercahnged and inserted into the concrete base to create flower arrangements. I love how this piece is geometrical and uses a variety of shapes in the wire inserts to give the simple conrete base a new look. In my opinion I like how the concrete and powder coated steel go well together because they do not compete for my attention. I find this vase clean and interesting. It's also very neat and user friendly to change the wire toppers because of the small holes in the top of the concrete that allow extensions of the steel to be inserted.

Producer : --Prototype--
Materials : Concrete , Powder coated steel
Dimension : Base:150 x 210 x H135 mm / 
Steel: A.135 x 200 x 155 / B.135 x 200 x 265 / C.135 x 260 x 270
Colour : Black / Red / Yellow

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