Oscar Muñoz, Línea del destino (Line of destiny). 2006, Single screen projection

Oscar Muñoz: Biografías




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Programmed alongside the 17th edition of ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Film Festival, this solo show from leading Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz features video installationBiografías (2002) and single screen projection Línea del destino (Line of Destiny) (2006).

Muñoz’ work explores universal themes of memory and human loss within the challenging socio-political situation in his native Colombia, and his evocative pieces trace the impact of years of conflict on his fellow Colombians.

Working across a variety of media that include: photography, printmaking, drawing, installation and moving image, Muñoz employs a range of unusual image-making techniques and materials to reflect the transient nature of memories.

For Biografías, Muñoz uses a screen-printing process and sprinkles coal dust on water to create portraits which, when filmed, produce images that slowly distort and wash away as the water is drained. These shifting and mutating images have hypnotic qualities that encourage viewers to question the permanence and immutability of the photographic image.


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