We have been planning today and thinking about what materials we can carry on experimenting with and thinking further about concepts. I like the ideas related to the freeeducation a lot as it relates to a lot of people and they will be able to relate to the art piece. I think its also fascinating as I viewed the event live and watched it as people commented on the video live and I was able to see immediate responses. I have done some more work in my sketchbook experimenting with various materials and approaching the idea of university funding or lack of. To me the thought of a material thats cheap and easy to get your hands on is paper, so I used paper and screwing it up I stuck it onto the pages of my book, looking dishevelled and not like anything in particular. I then used this same technique again with the paper but made it into a dress to be an outfit for a woman I drew in my book, looking very cheap, I then experimented with other materials and I used a section from a black bin bag which I cut out and placed onto another body I drew, with crazy contrasting orange hair. Another material I used which I found very interesting texture, was see-through blue plastic, it became very crinkled after I had glued it down onto the body, as it was see-through you could see the drawing that I had done behind it which I found fairly intriguing. I thought about in the old days, when they used to wear long dresses and have undergarments, and used to wear a type of wire cage to create a figure, and how lots of layers were worn under the dress but the last outer layer was only ever seen and it was unheard of or thought improper or immodest to ever show the undergarments. Like in Pocahontas, I find this very fascinating also how these clothes to be worn in todays society would be seen as costume or stupid, if you were to wear these garments everyday casually people would laugh at you.

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