My research has been interesting, I looked at work that was made out of rubbish or things that you would think cheap that have been sold for money. I looked at the work by Piero Manzoni's work called Artist's shit in 1961, I think the date that its done in is really interesting to see that artists were trying to be surprising and modern at such an early date. I think it may refer art to the fact that you can make anything art by being controversial. Or referring to the fact that loads of famous artists once famous can sell any piece of rubbish and for it to be viewed as amazing, work of art, or sell expensively because of the artists reputation. Art can be very costly which a lot of people may not have the funds to support their ideas so have to use whatever materials they can afford or get their hands onto. My initial response and ideas to the brief were basic, but after doing research and thinking about the brief in more depth I feel it has broadened my mind to think creatively and that there are lots of different topics to explore that relate. I have begun to use various materials, such as the homemade paint that I used. Related to the #freeeducation I drew faces of Boris Johnson and Nigel and stuck them onto bike stands, I find them really humorous and suggestive. I used paper, pencil, tape, and the bike stands, I took them outside in my garden on a wet day, I wanted them to have a rubbish environment, as representing as art student in the protest and drawing inspiration from the placard that I saw saying 'I can't afford paint'. I also played about with objects to see what I could do with them. I experimented with objects in my garden, some that I found and I got a microwave for free from a website online, which said that it worked, but it didn't even work 


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