Violence in Media. Violence talks of Mark Duggan, Steven Lawrence, Tamir rice, and other violent acts, where there is confronting, police, threatening behaviour, Michael brown, police are killed and lots of people banging on Starbucks yelling 'pay your tax'. Lots of people are angry at the government and not happy with the system. I saw a video on Youtube where police shot a dog and left it to lie there dead because it was barking, trying to protect its owner but it was not violence, it was shot to silence it. I was a true movie, where a black man who had a daughter was shot by police in a train station and the police responsible resigned and the main culprit went to prison for a short time, just because you are well known and respected and people think well of you it does not make you a saint, people forget that we are all the same and we can all make mistakes(police, priests). I thought of the free education protest and people complaining of money fees and I thought I could look at this and try to covey their struggle by making pieces of art out of things lying about in my house, or anything I could get for free. So I found a recipe and made my own paint using food colouring, flour and water it gave a very weird thick, sloppy texture, I left it in the mixing bowl for a while and it actually started to stick to the bowl, and set and become hard, and hard to scrape off. I did a few experiments with the paint in my book which left a very rough texture, I wasn't sure what the result would be like but I was pleased with it as it held the blue food colouring, it took ages to dry, but then so does paint, but it did work and was effective. I did some experiments with Paper and i liked the texture when you screwed it up into a ball. I also had an idea of experimenting with tissue, making it wet and throwing it on the ceiling, like what they do in toilets, how things can be ok but somethings always not right, a small factor. 

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