So far the ideas, and subject topics I have seemed to explore due to research, aspects that I have witnessed seem to related to incidents, such as violence, rape, or stealing. 

I looked on the brief again and it listed several definitions of words, which was interesting to see what was being suggested on the brief: 


Anything that happens or takes place. An incident or occurrence, especially a memorable one.


An unexpectedly insignificant event or an event that did not happen.


A person who sees an event


/ to have knowledge from observation or 


One who watches critically and attentively in order to ascertain a fact.


Acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it.


Creating or controlling a situation rather than responding to it after it has happened. 


This made me think of lots of things that could be made up, like people lying to other people telling 'fibs' or little white lies. Also made me think about the boy who cried wolf, the storybook for children. Also newspapers, how lies can be spread and believed, not to know what is true anymore, or who you can trust, as people can let you down in life. I saw an article about university fees killing off creative arts and how tuition fees and student loan risky are killing off Britain's creative edge and how theres a risk on foundation courses because of this.

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