On the Project brief on moodle there are questions to help us think about 'Witness' and what can it mean. I thought it would be helpful to think about these questions and to write answers to what I thought about them.

Use the following questions as a guide.

  • Why witness? You feel powerful, like your invisible like a superhero, it gives you a reason to live, walk observe the things that happen around you and make you have a better understanding or them and appreciation. It gives you memories, and something you can look back on, remember and be content about the small things in the world that may be taken for granted.

  • How does it feel to witness? It can be an engaging task between yourself or two elements or more. It can feel liberating like a secret agent as if your spying and its top secret, but you may feel as though your being nosey and its something your shouldn't be doing, or feel embarrassed by. You can be watching other lives and significant factors in their time. When I was younger I used to spy on the house opposite mine, and I could see into their garden I thought I was really cool, and I only did it because I thought I was a secret agent and that I would see something awesome and stuff was about to go down, I used to stand on my swing in the garden and write down notes and things that I spotted, but I think they noticed, because they made their fence taller, and they made it really really tall, which sort of defeated the objective of my game.

  • What is interesting about the things/places/people you are observing? Human nature and behaviour is so alike, we are all similar in so many ways but also differ greatly in so many other ways. Lots of similar characteristics, and things can be glorified easily, like celebrities, programmes, clothes, mobile phone, men and women alike.

  • What is special/interesting about the witnessed moment? You remember some things and not others, but you don't always know why you forget things and remember others. You can look back on a situation and think its worse than it was or remember it better than it was. You can remember some aspects, objects, possessions, or incidents forever if you wish and lots of people tend to cling on to these and keep them as memories or sufferings. 

  • What are you seeing that nobody else is seeing? When your trapped, alone no one can see you or know what your doing, when people commit incidents they may think no one is watching but they could be mistaken, someone could be hiding but being able to observe everything thats going on or there could be CCTV, people are not always right. You can see things in a moment that you want to learn more about or uncover, discover, like an investigation, they are given the facts and have to figure out a storyline. 

  • How can you capture / condense / slow the passing of time?Films, remind, pause, stop, play. Drugs, mentally disturbed, altering time by changing the time on the clock, I have watched in films, where people have been killed and then they change the time on the clock when it has been stopped or smash it, so they think that was the time of the incident.

  • Is your surveillance covert? Not everything is videoed, supposedly there will be high tech surveillance in the new world order, predicting future events, may come to life, people are blind. 

  • Is the event you are witnessing a recurring event? Playback, similar events happening throughout history, rewriting the past, recurring wars- world war 1, world war 2. Bombs, terrorism, violence, drug abuse, prostitution, stealing, buying, selling.

  • What do you remember about the thing you have witnessed afterwards? The facts, the things that are most important, the major aspects, the silliness, most kindest, most violent moment, most shocking, disturbing.

  • What is the hidden / revealed truth about the thing you have witnessed?  Find about the truth ages after, war ww1, WW2, JFK, conspiracies, FBI conspirers, drug laundering, Jimmy Saville, Royals involved in incidents. who is to say all of the truth is not even told yet, what is to be believed, what is false, people can be gullible and believe everything the media tell us- Michael Jackson likes children not in a good way. If you look at newspapers its all depressing stories about how people have been murdered, suicidal, to do with drugs, violence, stealing, rape and so on.

I found this task helpful and made me come up with lots of different ideas and scenarios. Also this week I am going to need to start thinking about my personal statement and put together ideas for it.

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