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Designer - Masaya Kushino

Japanese designer Masaya Kushino creates dream couples, blurring the boundaries between footwear and impressive artwork.

The trend toward animal influences that Kushino can incorporate into his designs, is clearly visible. Pairing opulent peacock feathers and attached pony tail with ball round bottom is now engraved mentally, especially the model of rams' horns!

I decided to choose Masaya Kushino because of his powerfull projects. Hi’s not creating casual shoes but working on ones which represent some political, environmental problems, his own attitude to it, he express his thoughts and feelings with his works.

My favourite project is “Reborn”. “As for the process here, it starts out with moss and grows more lush until the buds come to full bloom…then as they are wont to do, the flowers wither and die. These dead flowers represent social downfalls like pollution and degeneration. Then along comes a natural disaster and wipes everything out. And although it seems all is lost, from there begins a small bud of new life that moves toward the future. This is the story behind this piece.” Shoes grow, bloom, die, burn and come back to life.Those shoes made with real plants, and I think Masaya expressed his idea amazingly – I can see that inextricable connection between humanity and nature.

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