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The best thing is that you understand that even if it looks crazy, none the one even had a close idea to create something like this, that’s why I think that designers who work for “Irregular Choice” are genius in some way. For example, one pair of boots I really love does look odd a lot cos it has ballerinas in its heels– the same as ballerinas in boxes which start playing classic music when you open them. Heel has the same option – you can turn the wheel and ballerina start whirling to the same music as play in boxes. I had the same box when I was younger, I guess that’s why it really touched my soul. I think this is the main point of designing anything – the design should be able to catch attention and touch a soul. And to prove my point I could add that despite not everybody could spend money on some crazy things like “Balletomane” shoes (175-260 pounds!), all three versions were sold out.

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