I can't afford to be an artist



theartedge: During a recent gallery hop I overheard someone say "I can't afford to be an artist!". The statement was directed at the cost of oil paints. That public declaration -- along with a recent debate on FineArtViews -- made me think about how the average American uses money. I did some digging online... and discovered the following:

According to TIME - Moneyland...

The average costs related to using an iPhone in the US can easily top $1,900 per year. (Think of how many people use an iPhone today)

The average US household spends approx. $850 per year on soft drinks. (That does not include soft drinks purchased while on the road)

The average US worker spends more than $1000 per year on coffee. (That data did not include coffee made at home) 

The average woman in the US will own over 469 pairs of shoes in the course of her lifetime. TIME, based on info from Glamour, estimates that the average women spends $25,000 on shoes over a lifetime. The average male sports fan spends nearly as much on pay-per-view events... boxing, wrestling, you name it. 

With the above in mind... I would suggest that the average American CAN afford to explore art if he or she is willing to make a few sacrifices. One could easily afford art supplies -- and perhaps an art workshop or two (not to suggest that you need to take art workshops in order to be an artist) -- with a few deductions from the above. Sacrificing a few trivial pleasures in order to pursue something that will likely bring you more joy is a good investment. 

If you happen to be an active artists... my guess is that you could go further with your work if you cut back on trivial spending -- make coffee at home instead of buying a daily cup at a fast-food joint... try a generic brand of soda instead of buying Pepsi... chip in with a few other people if you must watch a pay-per-view event. Food for thought. 

Cliff Kearns 
via faso.com
It would be interesting to know what the average North American spends a year on the purchase of Art!! 

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